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What are the benefits of quartz countertops


Quartz Calacatta Borguini

When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, sanitation is incredibly important - after all, germs getting onto hands or food could quickly result in everyone in the house getting sick. That's one reason why Innovate Stones is so proud to be able to offer a variety of Quartz Countertops for both the kitchen and the bathroom. WHAT ARE QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS? Quartz countertops are a special type of engineered counter, typically made from a selection of natural and artificial materials. Quartz is a very durable product, easily matching the strength of concrete and granite counters, but it also has enough give in its structure to resist the kinds of chips and cracks that other counters may well pick up over the years. The cost of quartz counters is comparable to the price of other high-end materials, which helps bring it into the budgets for more families. MAJOR BENEFITS OF QUARTZ Perhaps the most notable benefit of quartz is its ability to be manufactured in an incredible range of colors. This allows for a wider range of artistic matches in any room of the house - while materials like granite will force things to be planned around them, the variety in quartz means that homeowners can decorate the room with the colors they want to have and remain confident that it will continue to look great. Quartz is also a non-porous material. This is the only type of material a countertop should ever be made out of, and for two major reasons. First, non-porous materials are effectively immune to problems like stains - one spill on a basic counter could permanently change the color of it, while a non-porous counter will simply shrug it off and look exactly the same as before. As if that weren't enough, quartz is also naturally resistant to bacteria and other kinds of germs, which can't find a place to grow. When the counter is cleaned, you can be confident that there are no invisible problems that will cause trouble for you later on. Finally, the visual appearance of quartz offers something special. The way the material is formed creates an appearance of depth that can't be seen in most other materials. Many people have found that they prefer this optical illusion. DRAWBACKS OF QUARTZ Actually, there are no serious drawbacks to using quartz - at least, none that the industry has discovered despite many years of trying. Here at Innovate Stones, we've spent quite a lot of time talking with both suppliers and customers, listening to what they had to say. The worst that can honestly be said about quartz is that it's not even more affordable than it already is - and it's certainly not the most expensive material around. IS QUARTZ RIGHT FOR YOU? If you're looking for a material that's attractive, affordable, durable, and can truly get clean... Then you should seriously consider quartz as the material of choice for your kitchen and bathroom. Be sure to talk with one of our representatives before you buy, though - they can help you find the perfect color and style from the many dozens of options available!

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