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How to clean your granite and marble countertops

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

How to clean Marble &  Granite Countertops

Granite and marble countertops are definitely great additions to any house. However, they’re not particularly easy to maintain. If you have either of the two, you will surely find yourself looking for tips on how to clean your granite and marble countertops. If you want to ensure the appearance of your granite and marble countertops don’t fade into something worse, you can follow the tips below. 1. Never leaves spills on the countertop for too long Cleaning the spills on granite and marble countertops is one of the best ways to prevent them from leaving a stain. Tired from work and bumped on the glass which caused it to spill orange juice? Clean the spill. Have an appointment in 10 minutes and you’re in a rush so you inadvertently pushed your coffee cup? Clean the spill. Leaving the spill for later cleaning will just guarantee that you come home to a stain on your countertop. 2. Clean your countertops regularly General cleaning is what everyone tends to do. For the cleaning times that you don’t want to focus solely in one room in your house, then you should use the most effective supplies on your countertop when it’s time for the kitchen. Warm water combined with dish liquid in a spray bottle should do. Spray it generously on the countertop and use a cleaning cloth to wipe it thoroughly. When you’re done, rinse the countertop with water, let it dry, then wipe it one last time with a soft towel. You can also purchase granite and marble cleaning products. Look on our online store and you see the products. 3. Use baking soda when push comes to shove For those issues with your marble and granite countertops that you just can’t solve, having baking soda will come in handy. When you find yourself having trouble trying to get the job done with warm water and dish soap, a baking soda poultice will do the trick. You will need to mix the baking soda with water and spray it in the particular area that you want to clean. When you’ve covered said area with baking soda poultice, cover it with a plastic wrap. After 24 hours, clean it as you would with tip #2. 4. Prevent staining with a sealant More often than not, granite and marble countertops come delivered and installed with a sealant. You should always ask whether the countertop that you have is sealed. If it is, make sure that the sealant has been applied correctly. This prevents stains from occurring at a much faster rate. However, you should always be prepared for the time that the sealant requires resealing. You should seal your countertops every year. Some light colors you need to seal every 6 months to prevent any stains. 5. Prevent staining with kitchen accessories Using coasters and small plates can help prevent a lot of unnecessary stains. For those times that you know you’re going to have something on the countertop for more than a few minutes, then you definitely have to proactively protect it from staining by using kitchen accessories. Placing a hot cup of coffee on the counter may seem harmless at first, but it actually contributes to a lot of stain issues that households have.

6. What you should avoid

Don't use vinegar, windex or clorox to clean your countertops.

Avoid leaving olive oil or any type of oil or any acid foods on the surface for a long period of time.

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