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Himalayan Moon Caesarstone is a beige quartz with dark grey and black veining. It is an ideal option for high traffic kitchens and commercial business countertops. It is also suitable for bathroom vanity tops, backsplashes and other installations.

All Caesarstone slabs are polished and cut 1 ¼ inches thick. If you are looking for a type of engineered stone that resembles natural stone, 6611 Himalayan Moon Caesarstone quartz is a terrific option. This material is beautiful, durable and easy to take care of. This makes it a truly great fit for any home or business setting. No matter where you install it, 6611 Himalayan Moon Caesarstone quartz will offer you the benefits mentioned above for many years to come. There are several great reasons why this material should be near the top of your wish list as you plan your home or business remodeling project.

6611 Himalayan Moon Caesarstone Quartz

  • Original Name: 6611 Himalayan Moon Caesarstone
    Material Type: Quartz
    Country of origin: Israel
    Colors: Grey, Beige, Black

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