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Aspen White granite is an exuberant and energetic granite that is sure to impress. This natural stone contains elements of black, grey and white that accompany beautiful veining. Aspen White granite exudes confidence, while still keeping that elegant feeling that natural granite is known for.

Aspen White granite is an excellent choice for countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops, outdoor kitchen countertops and more. Its neutral coloring makes it an excellent option to fit any décor. Depending on the individual slab, Aspen White granite can feature more black or white, in addition to varying amounts of veining. The stone is a great choice for any home remodeling project and can truly put on the finishing touches. If you are looking for a natural stone countertop that can be the focal point of the room, Aspen White granite can do just that. It is no surprise that this gorgeous stone is so popular among homeowners.

Aspen White Granite

  • Original Name: Aspen White
    Material Type: Granite
    Country of origin: China
    Colors: Grey, White, Black

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