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Calacatta Elegant Extra is a beautiful white stone with large scaled, beige-gray veining. Its appearance is unique due to the large scaled design resembling cracks in natural rock. This gorgeous design is unique to each individual slab, which contains a myriad of variations to choose from for your desired space.

Because it is a manufactured stone, the surface is non-porous, stain resistant and water resistant. It is important to note, however, that quartz is not heat resistant so any interaction with a hot pot or pan would cause irreversible damages. Calacatta Elegant Extra is exactly what its name suggests. This elegant addition to your space will turn heads. The light beige-grey veining with the simple white background is simplicity at its finest. While this quartz would excel in any home decor style, adding this to your mid-century modern kitchen would bring the room to the next level. Despite the light colored veining, this slab as a whole exhibits a decorative and sophisticated nature. Calacatta Elegant Extra is certain to make a worthwhile change in your home, adding its high quality features to your space.

Calacatta Elegant Extra Quartz

  • Original Name:
    Material Type: Quartz
    Country of origin: Other
    Colors: Grey, White

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