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Calacatta Long Beach quartz is a primarily white piece alongside black and grey veins that course sporadically through the slab. The veins are without a doubt the focal point when it comes to Calacatta Long Beach. Every stone has its beauty but Calacatta Long Beach leaves an impression like no other.

A design and pattern such as this one thrives in more modern and minimalist home styles. This stone could be paired with white or black cabinets making a bold statement in your home. This addition will have guests asking for stone details. In addition to its exotic beauty, quartz is also a very durable surface, as well as being non-porous, stain resistant and water resistant. It is important to remember quartz is not heat resistant, so placing hot pots and pans will cause irreversible damages. Another benefit of quartz is its customization factor which provides the homeowner with essentially an endless amount of quartz colors and patterns. Calacatta Long Beach makes the process of matching to other stones and textures effortless! It goes without saying that Calacatta Long Beach will transform your space in the best way.

Calacatta Long Beach Quartz

  • Original Name:
    Material Type: Quartz
    Country of origin: Other
    Colors: Grey, White

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