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Elle Marble White porcelain is covered in unique variations of white, grey, and black hues. The mix of these colors makes for an extremely diverse look, upgrading any space. Elegant yet casual, Elle Marble White porcelain will enhance your space and provide a strong lasting impression.

It can be used in almost any location you desire. Since Elle Marble White has the capacity to withstand both low and high traffic throughout a home, it is perfect for any space. The most popular locations this porcelain is installed are: bathroom walls, flooring, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, and much more. This is a stone that is guaranteed to match any home decor scheme. Since slabs of porcelain are so easy to work with, Elle Marble White can be perfect if you are starting a large scale design project. The stone can be installed in full slabs and customized to suit your home improvement needs.

Elle Marble White Porcelain

  • Original Name: Elle Marble White
    Material Type: Porcelain
    Country of origin: United Arab Emirates
    Colors: Grey, White

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