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Emperador Golden marble is a stunning mixture of gold, dark and light brown with unique white and beige veining. Emperador Golden is a beautiful example of that classic marble look in a darker color. It can be used for master bathroom vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, hot tub surrounds and baking stations.

It is a fine example of the beauty nature is capable of producing. Your Emperador Golden marble surface can instantly become the focal point of any room of the house. Marble in general can increase the overall value of your home, which can be very helpful if there ever comes a time when you want to sell. Between the beautiful looks and the potential to increase the value of your home, Emperador Golden marble is an excellent option for any home. It can very well end up being one of the best decisions that you make for your home.

Emperador Golden Marble

  • Original Name: Emperador Golden
    Material Type: Marble
    Country of origin: Brazil
    Colors: Gold, Brown

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