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Indus Gold marble is one of the most elegant and sophisticated gold stones around. It is a fully gold slab with very slight brown spots. It can immediately bring a regal and majestic nature to any room and will definitely enhance your life for the better.

Considering its visual appeal and functionality of marble, Indus Gold is a wonderful choice for any home. Next to black, white, or even bright colors, Indus Gold can be the statement piece you need. This marble is truly a work of art and will make you and your home the talk of the town. Like other marbles, Indus Gold immediately creates a sense of nobleness in a home. Whether through a bathroom vanity top or as a fireplace surround, this marble will bring character to your home. Marble is especially stunning as a kitchen countertop, however, it will require periodical care and maintenance. Sealing is required every six months. To keep this stone looking brand-new even years later, use non-abrasive cleaners in order to further preserve its sealing.

Indus Gold Marble

  • Original Name:
    Material Type: Marble
    Country of origin: Pakistan
    Colors: Gold

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