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Mountain White Danby Honed marble is a white marble with delicate waves of blue-grey veining. It is a gorgeous natural stone, well-known for both its physical capabilities as well as its appearance. The white background is juxtaposed with thin but pervasive veining.

This stone will add both monetary value and aesthetic value to your home. Marble is a well-loved stone for those looking to add something special to their home. As a bathroom vanity top, fireplace surround, or countertop, this stone will brighten up a space. As a countertop, this stone will require periodical resealing. In order to keep the stone looking as brand new as possible, we also recommend avoiding more abrasive chemical cleaners. Non-abrasive cleaners will keep the sealing beautiful for longer. With its visually appealing patterning mixed with the sleek white background, this stone will definitely add something extra to your home, for the better. Whether with white, black, or blue decor, this piece will be sure to stun.

Mountain White Danby Honed Marble

  • Original Name:
    Material Type: Marble
    Country of origin: United States
    Colors: Grey, White

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