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Noble White is a clean and beautiful glistening white marble with light blue/green accents. It is the perfect addition of elegance to any bathroom, fireplace or floor. If you want a touch of natural beauty in your home, Noble White marble is an excellent choice.

Beyond its beauty, this marble will benefit your home in many other ways. One of these ways includes increasing the value of your home – a benefit that you will receive from all types of marble. Marble has long been a desired material for homeowners. It has been used to build everything from famous statues to countertops and fireplace surrounds. There are many great reasons that you should install Noble White marble in your home. In addition to admiring its beauty now, this material may just help you sell your home if the time ever comes.

Noble White Marble

  • Original Name: Noble White
    Material Type: Marble
    Country of origin: Brazil
    Colors: White

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