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Sea Grass marble is a light brown stone with subtle brown veining. The veining is ultra thin and sporadically spread throughout the slab. The light brown tone of this stone makes it pair well with just about anything.

In a white French country style kitchen, this stone could add a great bit of contrast to the light and delicate surrounding decor. This stone could enhance just about any design. Regardless of how you choose to incorporate this stone, it can be a forever lasting element. With proper care, marble can be the long-lasting durable addition of your dreams. Resealing is required every six months. Homeowners should also avoid using abrasive cleaners to protect the sealant further. This stone could be stunning as a vanity top, fireplace surround, even countertop. If considering this stone for usage as an island, consider surrounding the perimeter of the stone with a harder natural stone in order to preserve its design. When considering your next big home decor investment, look no further than the beautiful, versatile, and durable Sea Grass marble.

Sea Grass Marble

  • Original Name: Sea Grass
    Material Type: Marble
    Country of origin: Turkey
    Colors: Green

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