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Sea Pearl granite is a natural stone like no other. This granite sings of beauty just like an aleatoric lullaby. Rich in contrasting vein patterns and vibrant colors, this granite will look glamorous as a kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, fireplace surround, or outdoor countertop.

If you are looking to improve your space both visually and functionally, choosing to install Sea Pearl granite as a kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, fireplace surround or outdoor countertop can do just that. No matter where you install it, Sea Pearl granite is sure to impress. When you consider both the aesthetic and functional benefits that you will receive from having Sea Pearl granite in the home, it is no wonder that the material is so popular amongst homeowners. Installing Sea Pearl granite in your home can be one of the very best decisions you ever make.

Sea Pearl Granite

  • Original Name: Sea Pearl
    Material Type: Granite
    Country of origin: Brazil
    Colors: Grey, White, Blue

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