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Tuscan Super White quartzite comes from Italy and is a breathtaking stone. This material is perfect for any kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, backsplash or other home surface. Tuscan Super White quartzite, and many types of quartzite in general, are often mistaken for marble because of the similarities in appearance.

Considering these factors, it is no surprise that Tuscan Super White quartzite is a popular natural stone. It is a terrific option for any home remodeling project, whether that is in the kitchen, bathroom or another room. When evaluating your options for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, backsplashes or other home surfaces, Tuscan Super White quartzite should surely be near the top of your wish list. Between the amazing looks and the durability you will receive from this stone, it will truly be a great fit in any home.

Tuscan Super White Quartzite

  • Original Name: Tuscan Super White
    Material Type: Quartzite
    Country of origin: Italy
    Colors: Grey, White

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