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Veracruz 1340 Quantra is a grey quartz countertop material that can be used for a variety of applications ranging from kitchens to bathrooms and everything in between. It also works well for backsplashes. Quartz is a highly durable material that is stain and scratch-resistant, so it will fare well in high traffic areas.


Between the beauty this material has and the durability it offers, Veracruz 1340 Quantra quartz is among the best material options you have. The grey tones of this material work well as a neutral-colored surface. Because Veracruz 1340 Quantra quartz is non-porous and resistant to many household hazards, it is one of the easiest surfaces to take care of. Whether you install it as a new kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, backsplash or any other home surface, Veracruz 1340 Quantra quartz will reward you with the many benefits explained above.

Veracruz 1340 Quantra Quartz

  • Original Name: Veracruz 1340 Quantra
    Material Type: Quartz
    Country of origin: India
    Colors: Grey

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