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White Shadow marble has a white background with very delicate veins of grey and beige that seem to gently kiss the stone's surface. The patterns are soft and whimsical like light shadows. If you are looking for a lighter-colored natural stone to complete your home remodeling project, White Shadow marble is an excellent option.


This stone is an ideal option for lower-traffic areas of the home, such as bathroom vanity tops. However, if you are very careful around the stone, it can be used in other areas. Beyond appearance, another benefit you can obtain from this marble – and all marble in general – is increased value of your home. If the time comes to sell, you may end up having a major selling point in your White Shadow marble. The material is one of the most desirable on the market. No matter where it is installed, implementing White Shadow marble can be one of the best decisions you ever make for your home.

White Shadow Quartzite

  • Original Name: White Shadow
    Material Type: Quartzite
    Country of origin: Brazil
    Colors: Grey, White, Beige

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