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How to seal your marble and granite countertops

You inherited a kitchen that was not to your liking. Over the years, you have made various improvements to it and other parts of your house. You have been able to carry out this work with easy and cost-effectiveness. Indeed, the do-it-yourself industry is booming, and many of the jobs that used to require the knowledge and skill of a professional tradesman can now be done by ordinary people. However, you must still do a sound and solid job. This is especially the case if you intend to install marble or granite countertops. Each slab of this material is considered to be a unique and distinct work of art. In order for them to be of any use they must be custom-made. Once you have the finished material you need to install, it is essential that you lay them down and seal them properly. Otherwise, you will waste the material. Here are a few tips on How to seal your marble and granite countertops. Planning is your first step. You must know exactly where each piece of granite or marble will go. And you must have an overall vision of what you want your kitchen to look like when the job is finished. You can use a virtual design tool such as Visualizer+ 2D and 360° design planner for this task. It will allow you to see what your kitchen and countertops will actually look like when you have finished. The granite that you have bought and had customized will already have some sealant. However, that protection erodes over time so you must add more. You want to find the most high quality and easy-to-use sealant. You want to use a product that can be applied to all kinds of natural stone. You also want to ensure that the quality is high enough that your countertops will endure everyday use, which often involves food and water. You should apply sealant to your countertops at least twice a year. You must also establish a cleaning routine. Granite and marble countertops can be cleaned with soap and water. However, there are stronger products that add extra layers of protection.

Seal marble

Granite and marble are tough, robust, and highly durable stones, but they are not invincible. Your countertops are subject to the same wear and tear that all material things are. Over the years, your countertop is likely to chip or crack in places. You need not bear the expense of a professional repairman to fix the problem. You should instead purchase a granite or marble repair kit. Such a kit contains epoxy, which can apply to the damage area after you have cleaned it. Once it dries, it will look brand new. In other words, will not be possible to see where the chip was with the naked eye. The purchase of a granite or marble countertop is an investment in your home. It is also a way to enhance the atmosphere and aesthetics of your kitchen. It is the kind of improvement that you and your family can be proud of.

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